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Maps always

up to date

We are a road-data acquisition platform using crowdsourcing and real-time machine learning to keep maps and road data always updated.

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Making cities ready for Autonomous Vehicles, Last Mile Delivery Robots and Smart Technology


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Geographically Diverse Datasets

Hyperlocal and continuously updated road data to improve Autonomous Vehicles models and scale their operations

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Automated Road Survey

From Road Assets inventory to Pavement Condition monitoring

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Enabling The Future of Last Mile Delivery Robots

Sidewalk and bike lane mapping

HD and Consumer maps regeneration

Identify changes in the map and update it in almost real time

Who we are

A group of humans with a shared goal:
To keep your 
maps up to date in any part of the world.


Juan Sebastian Cruz


MSE Aerospace Engineering - University of Michigan
Tauber Institute for Global Operations Fellow


Andie Bejarano


PhD. Candidate Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Michigan